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Bishop of Piraeus forbids Holy Communion to MPs who voted for same-sex marriage

The hard-core Bishop of Piraeus, Serphim, decided to forbid the Holy Communions of those lawmakers who voted in favor of the same-sex marriage, the Metropolis of Piraeus said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“Only if the repent” they will be allowed to receive the communion in our churches again, the statement stressed.

The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of local clergy in Piraeus, at the invitation of Metropolitan Seraphim, “where the consequences of the passing of the law on the marriage of same-sex couples were discussed.”

In the resolution that followed, it is stated that the members of parliament who voted in favor of the relevant bill must be expelled from the Church.

All this at the suggestion of Metropolitan Seraphim, who considers the parliamentarians who voted “in favor” of same-sex marriage as “partners of the archetypal evil” and accuses them of “having legislated as a legal good the subversion of human ontology and physiology and by institutionalizing the unnatural act of infidelity , which deprives man of the possibility of communion with God according to the true word of the Creator,” the statement read.

Therefore, we are indebted before the Domitor of the Church of the Lord, who has called us to the ministry of his People, to ensure and to transmit by deed and word the unchanging faith of the Apostles, the God-bearing Fathers and the Holy Ecumenical Synods, the Metropolis said further.

The passing of the above law by our National Parliament alters and perverts the anthropology and physiology of God’s Creation, it blasphemously attempts to annul the divine Law, which is delivered to us in print through the Old and New Testaments, at the behest of ” woke” agenda and passionately opposes the Canonical framework of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which was given to Him by the Holy Spirit.

Those MPs who voted in favor of the same-sex marriage, “they prove to be culpable as accomplices of the “chief serpent” in the deterioration of the work of salvation and the gospel message and, as the God-bearing Fathers march, they have voluntarily fallen from their Christian identity and society with them carries the risk, for the weaker ones, of corruption of faith and annulment.

In order to protect our ministry and respect our responsibility before the Holy God, observing the provisions of art. 4, paragraph 9 of the Charter of the Church of Greece (Law 590/1977 – Official Gazette A’ 146) we break our communion with those who voted against the divine Law, with what this implies, by not inviting them to a one-day manifestation of the Our parishes, without the de facto post-membership of them through the annulment by the National Parliament of this disgraceful piece of legislation.

68-year-old arch-conservative Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus has been a fierce and sworn enemy of homosexuality and had even blamed “international Zionist monster” for controversial same-sex rights bill, in the past.

Among others, the Bishop had claimed that the unscientific thesis that homosexuality causes cancer.

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  1. It’s good to see at least there are some church leaders who still uphold the teaching of the Holy Orthodox church in spite of lefts pressure
    The MP who voted in favor of the bill need to open their Bibles if they have one and get educated
    or maybe there not even believers

    • lefts? we have a right-wing gov’t since 2019.

      • Spiro,are we sure of who or what body of people wrote the bible and which bible because I have seen several versions of it,different religions kind of re write it a bit in places to suit their doctrines,what they want people to believe,we must hope that our education comes first through our souls that hopefully are filled with Gods kindness love and empathy.


      • huh? what does left or right mean when they follow exactly the same policies of globalists and bankers?

    • Or maybe you need to throw away that man made book of rubbish, because it is drivel and made up rubbish . And yes I believe in God but I do not believe in “organized religion” designed to control the masses, one of the biggest cause of war,, no God or creator would wish the duality and ridiculousness of how humans treat each other and the rest of the animal kingdom. Goodness. It really makes me laugh when I see all this rubbish about going against Jesus and god and if anything according to the Bible we should all be Jewish as Jesus had intended. We should all not eat Pork, no shell fish, not wear nylon or other man made fibers as it’s a sin if especially mixed with natural fibers like silk or cotton. The whole Bible is a joke of contradictions.. Don’t judge but at the same time be judged. What absolute archaic idiotic Exctrement.

    • Most likely they only believe to get votes.
      But glad to hear the members of the church standing up for morals.
      Haven’t read one report that says it is good for children to be raised in any other way then with a father and mother; and that is from secular ppl.

  2. Sean,there are thousands of children out there who wish there had been another way to grow up besides being with their biological or not ‘father and mother”opposite sexes”I can attest to that.If theres another life I would want the right to choose my carers through my journey.