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Young woman stabbed by foreign national in the downtown Athens

Stabbing of what it seems a random victim in downtown Athens early Friday afternoon: a foreign national stabbed with a knife a young woman near her work place on Ermou street, the most popular and crowded street in the center of the Greek capital.

The crime took place in Ermou street, the commercial street in downtown Athens, in front of the eyes of shocked passerbys and shoppers.


The 21-year-old victim suffered several injuries on the back, mainly on the left should area. She called for help and managed to walk to her work place where she collapsed.

The victim was rushed to Evangelismos hospital where she underwent an emergency surgery as tests showed a rupruted siaphragm, severe lung injuries and a broken rib. Her condition is considered as critical, she in hospitalized in ICU, however, without being intubated..

According to media information, the girl is a student who also work in a store on Ermou street. At the time of the attack she was out to get a coffee.

The attacked had was still standing nearby when police arrived and arrested him. He was still holding the attack weapon and had thrown away his backpack.

An eyewitness told media, that he was standing nearby watching at his victim.

It turned out that the 32-year-old Iranian national arrived in Greece from Germany via Serbia on Thursday, Mega TV reported. He has a German passport. the attacker is said to be of Iranian or Iraqi origin or even nationality.

He claimed that he was suffering from a psychical disorder and that the victim was an “agent who was following him.”

Police are investigating the incident.

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  1. “She called for help and managed to walk to her workplace” – watched by the onlookers! What sort of people have we now in our broken. society.

  2. So he/she was German and came from Germany. There is really no need to say that hers/his great grandparents were from somewhere else, and she/he had second citizenship. Author could really use some antiracis and antibias training!

    • This is more than true! Unfortunately it is common practice throughout Greek media to always mention the nationality especially when it comes to the not so appreciated ones. Journalists have to ask themselves if nationality is of any relevance for the given case. Mostly it’s not relevant at all but contributes to the racist narrative of criminal foreigners. Expect KTG to do bette than that.

    • Well done KTG. No need to hide the facts. I am not a racist, an I am sure that you are neither. In the mainstream media in Belgium and The Netherlands, they wouldn’t have added this fact indeed. But when you look into the official data on government websites here, it seems that a majority of the crimes is done by people with a migration background. But you have to look for this yourself, as the press doesn’t want you to know.