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Health Minister calls protesters “insignificant little people, caffirs”

With excessive audacity Greece’s Health Minister called protesting health personnel “insignificant little people” and “caffirs” during a visit on the island of Lesvos on Tuesday.

Georgiadis was in the island’s capital Mytilene  to inaugurate the new building of the public Ambulance Service EKAV.

Behind the invited guests, local health personnel and members of the Labor Center gathered to protest the downgrade of the public health system, the staff and equipment shortages.

Protesters shouted slogans and even booed the minister known for his choleric character got angry and shouted at them:

“You shout like kaffirs,” Georgiadis claimed and disparagingly urged the health workers to “go do some work!”

Minister Georgiadis was particularly provocative in his speech. He claimed that protesters do not represent anyone and called them a handful of “insignificant little people.”

“It is not right to shout while the blessing is being read by the priests. You can’t say “booo”, it’s blasphemous. On Holy Tuesday!. It’s not only you who have a voice in the Greek democracy, we do have too.  You are not the only chosen one, it is I who have received 68,000 [voting] crosses.” the minister said.

“Instead of doing behaving like caffirs, if one of you wants to come and talk, if you have the guts come here. Today you have come here to protest and shout like kaffirs, about what? At the inauguration of the new EKAV! We are not afraid of you at all, you are a handful, you do not represent anyone,  You are insignificant little people,” the minister furiously added as local media reported.

He allowed one of protesters, a doctor and unionist, to take the floor. Zina Kaknavatou told the minister and the crowd that “workers are not caffirs but they can no longer stand the permanent down-grading of the Public Health with soldiers driving ambulances, the shortages in hospitals, the shortages in radiology doctors” adding a long list of the shortages plaguing the health system in the country.

Georgiadis admitted shortages of health personnel, which he claimed are observed throughout Europe and solutions are being sought.

“Normal people, instead of shouting all day, look for a solution. Instead of shouting, go and do some work!” he concluded.

Police forces tried to keep protesters away form the minister.

Αποδοκίμασαν τον Αδωνι στα εγκαίνια του ΕΚΑΒ Μυτιλήνης

Pictures via local media

As usual the society reacted with anger about the ministers’ behavior, a former book-sellers on small TV channels.

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  1. adonis georgiadis is something of a national clown mascot. he’s something of a magical personality, everything he touches he can turn stupid merely by opening his mouth!
    if we could send him around to earn a few bucks as a comedian, instead of making him a government minister, it might even work out – he’d earn an honest living for a change and we’d all get a few good laughs.

  2. michele lavender

    Clearly the head of this present government needs to scrape the bottom of the barrel where lie politians who have the mind set of men from the 18th century,we can only hope that our prime minister was not aware of their true leaning and will now do the correct thing for this country and its citizens and caste them down into the bottomless pit of oblivion.

    • I can only”hope” that people en masse WAKE up and smell the coffee. KM knows exactly what he is up to.

  3. Once again Georgiadis opens his mouth and lets his belly rumble. Try engaging your brain before putting your mouth into gear.