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Access to Shipwreck on Zakynthos prohibited also in 2024

With a joint ministerial decision Greece has prohibited again in 2024 the access to famous  Shipwreck of Zakynthos (Navagio), both to the beach from the sea and from land, as well as to the edge of the so-called plateau.

The decision was signed by the ministers of Citizen Protection, Maritime and Island Policy, Tourism and Climate Crisis & Civil Protection, was published in the official gazette on May 2, 2024 and media reported about it today, May 8.

The prohibition primarily aims to protect visitors from possible harm due to landslides that have occurred in the last couple of years in the area of the iconic landmark.

Despite efforts by the local authorities and the assurances of the “opening” of the Shipwreck in 2024,  the prohibitions that were in force last year remain intact, the decision underlined adding that is based on latest data gathered in 2024 by the Anti-Seismic authority.

Prohibited are traffic and approach to one of the most famous tourists’ destinations in Greece.

Neither anchoring of boats nor swimming by those on board is allowed anywhere in the bay, specifically in the marine area inside the imaginary line, which joins the two ends (north and south) of the bay. As far as the plateau is concerned, visitor access is prohibited, with a prohibition limit of 10 meters from the edge of the slope.

According to the ministerial decision, approach to the said sea area is allowed only in cases of emergency and assistance.

Exceptionally, by decision of the competent Port Authority, following an updated opinion of the Anti-Seismic Planning and Protection Organization, the exact limits of a safe sea zone within which the approach of any motorized or non-motorized floating vehicle is exclusively permitted may be determined.

Local authorities have reportedly visited the area of the plateau on Wednesday and have already placed prohibition warning signs.

Speaking to local media, mayor Giorgos Stasinopoulos said “It was  expected that visiting from land and from the sea would be prohibited, but this does not say anything. The tourist does not come to Greece to see a [ministerial] decision and say: “you can’t approach”. This is the most painless. The bottom line is that the visitor comes here to see a specific spectacle. We as a local community, as an organized state, are obliged to protect the tourist and provide him with this service. Tourists hang on the edge of the cliff. There is a very serious security issue. We shout that people will be killed. We cannot play with the visitors’ safety.”

He pointed out to the complicated and bureaucratic power struggle between the local, the regional and the central authorities regarding the management of the Shipwreck saying “Even if the ministry takes the decision to give us the powers tomorrow, do you know how long we will need to implement our program??? A few months, this summer will be gone too!”

PS As KTG lacks the imagination to imagine the “imaginary line” in the sea and on the beach as stated in the ministerial decision, you better check with local travel agents what you can do or not when you’re on Zakynthos.

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