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Mass food poisoning on St George Feast sends 37 to hospital

Mass food poisoning in a village of Andravidas-Kyllini, in Peloponnese sent 37 people to health centers and hospitals on Easter Monday after an outdoors  community meal organized every year by the church of Neapolis village on the day of St George feast.

According to local media, the people showed symptoms of food poisoning, immediately after eating boiled ewe prepared by the priest’s wife.

One after the other, young and old, adults and children, started to flock to the hospital seeking help.

They were were treated with appropriate medication against food poisoning, got fluids and were discharge.

Speaking to Alpha TV, the priest said that the community meals is being organized for the last twenty and this was the first time of such an incident.

He expressed doubt that the meat was spoiled saying that he also ate from the boiled ewe and nothing happened to him.

The wife cooked the meat, I’m sorry for what happened,” he said adding that she is a well-known cook in the area and she undertakes this role every year.

Reiterating his doubt about false preparation or any blame on his wife, the priest said that in a large dining area there were the ewe meat, two trays with lamb,, strawberries and sweets brought by the parishioners.

He stressed that 3 meters away from the dining table are garbage bins indicating that maybe a dirty fly sat on the food items.

He reassured that next year “procedures will be different and everything will be industrialized.”

According to, the parishioners blamed the ewe.

Question i open whether any piece of the boiled ewe was left uneaten so that authorities would bring it to specific laboratories and have it checked.

PS I guess, the parishioners returned home thanking St George for protecting them.

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