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Marina Satti declares “Yawning” to be a resistance act?

Greece’s Marina Satti and “Zari” qualified for the Eurovision finals on upcoming Saturday, however, her behavior during the presser of the Israeli participant Eden Golan caused an uproar and divided especially the Greek public.

The  37-year-old Greek singer was seen to be yawning and even pretending (?) to fall asleep or suffering from extreme boredom.

“There was no intention on Marina’s part to insult the Israeli singer and the delegation in general” at the Eurovision semi-finals in Malmö, the Greek delegation said in a statement on Friday.

They added that if one were to watch the whole video and not just the point of Eden Golan’s statements, one would find that from the beginning to the end, Marina Satti interacted in a similar way throughout the press conference, both with the artists in panel, as well as with the journalists who were there.

They even attributed the yawning of Marina Satti to the long hours of rehearsals and the exhausting schedule of the last few days and not with the intention of insulting the representative of Israel, to whom she wishes good success in Saturday’s final.

The Greek delegation forgot to mention, thought, that Satti was suffering from an infection and was under antibiotics.

It is recalled that the attitude of Marina Satti has been commented on a lot, mostly negatively on social media.

Whatever the motive, the singer herself has no taken publicly position on the issue.

Greek social media users appear divided  with the majority wanting to believe that #MarinaSatti “is a revolutionary troubadour with a clear message,” while opponents see “a rude singer and a spoiled child who has been called to represent Greece and insulted her colleague.”

There has been no official comment by the organizers who apparently decided to punish the Dutch participant, Joost Klein and excluded him from the rehearsal.

O Ολλανδός Joost Klein έκανε unfollow τον επίσημο λογαριασμό της Eurovision

Klein covered himself with a red cloth during the presser of Edan Gplan.

IT is not clear if he will be allowed to participate in the finals on Saturday.

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  1. The poor woman. I fell asleep watching it. A freak show for the Village People.

  2. Klein covered himself with the Dutch flag. When the journalist asked the political charged question to the Israeli contender and the assistant told her that she didn’t have to answer that question, Klein said “why not?”. But people missed that he said prior to the question regarding that her presence endangers everybody else, “in what way”.
    People were tired of the rehearsal and the whole circus. Klein got disqualified because he made a ‘threatening move’ towards a camera woman that followed him and kept filming his after the rehearsal despite agreements not to film contenders.

    The final was political. The jury voted for a non-binary queer person while the televote didn’t. There were clearly better songs. The juries ignored Israel while it was not a bad song. The televote gave Israel the highest vote after Ukraine. It shows the complete divide between juries and the public who both have an agenda.
    This was actually the first ESF I watched in 30 years just because of its political charged nature. I usually avoid it like a disease just like I avoid football. Bread and circus.

  3. sick with the flu and she kept going, such strength, probably interview 30. press should be more informed, read the press lol

  4. A 37 year old woman, dressed to look 19, singing a meh song, grown up with social media. She knew 100% what she was ooing.