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Greece to deport EU nationals arrested in Law School

Greek authorities have begun deportation proceedings for nine foreigners, among them EU nationals, arrested during a police operation at Athens University Law School, where occupiers were protesting Israel’s war in Gaza and expressing solidarity with Palestinian people.

Among those to be deported are EU member states nationals such as two German women, three French, two Italian, and one Spanish man. One person is from the UK.

A total of 28 people were arrested in the operation at the Law School on Tuesday, May 14< and brought before the courts. The trial has been postponed to May 28.

The nine foreigners remain in police custody in Amgygdaleza Aliens’ detention center, while the other arrestees were released pending trial.

All 28 have been charged with disturbing the peace, damaging property, trespassing, violations of weapons and flares laws.

Greek authorities will deport the nine foreign nationals as “dangerous to public order.

The Athens Single-Member Misdemeanor Court has summoned a police officer and a Law School security guard as witnesses.

“This is an unprecedented incident that proves in the most outrageous way the treatment of the Greek authorities towards any mobilization in defense of Palestine,” daily efsyn.gr criticized the deportation decision.

The daily added that “the arrested are European citizens, mostly people who have been living and working in Greece for years and were prosecuted by the Greek authorities for misdemeanors because they were in the occupied Law School.”

This is an unprecedented incident in Greek history, especially given that there has been no previous conviction of the solidarity by the criminal court, efsyn.gr underlined.

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  1. Nobody_important

    Under EU law, as established by the Treaties and jurisprudence of the European Court, the principle of free movement of persons is a fundamental right that cannot be arbitrarily removed by any country. There is a specific exception — namely, persons considered a threat to public order, which would imply a court ruling and would normally apply to terrorists and others considered to be dangerous.

    We have seen recently that the Germans banned Varoufakis from speaking at a public discussion on the war in Gaza; and now we see that the Greek government is doing something similar, by invoking legislation aimed primarily at terrorism. The political situation is clear: certain European governments are opposed to free speech, opposed to the rule of law, and are embarked on a neo-fascist road to remove individuals’ legal rights in their countries and the EU. These legal rights include free speech and the right to protest. Two such countries are Germany and Greece; obviously, the neo-fascist government in Italy is also a part of this movement.

    Europe is in democratic crisis. Do not expect its current leaders to behave decently, or legally. Do not expect democracy and human rights to continue, even though these were quite limited anyway. Our future is bleak.

  2. funny when someone disagrees with them, they suddenly remember how to deport people.

  3. Good decision! We shouldn’t tolerate this kind of behavior, if they want to vandalize property and disturbe the police and other people, then they should go and do this in their home country or maybe in Gaza.

    • Nobody_important

      They did not “disturb the police”: they occupied Athens Law School as a peaceful protest. In fact, the police disturbed them — which is something that was not possible in the past, when the police were not allowed to enter universities. And your point about “their home country” is an attack on the principle of EU citizenship and associated rights, including the right to live, work and protest in any EU country. It seems that you wish to promote the idea of stand-alone countries, where nobody has any rights other than the police, the State and the government. This describes Israel quite accurately.