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Greek basketball fans clash in Berlin; arrests, injuries

Olympiakos and Panathinaikos basketball fans violently clashed at a metro station in Prezlauer Allee in Berlin, Germany, on Saturday, leaving 12 people injured, at least one of them in critical condition.

German police has reportedly arrested 89 people and seized a big number of baseball bats, clubs and other items.

According to German authorities, three of the injured have been hospitalized.

The man in critical condition is a Serbian national, ANT1 TV reported early Sunday afternoon.

The two basketball teams were competing in the Final Four Euroleague basketball semi-finals in Berlin.

In the area where the clashes broke out next to Panathinaikos supporters were also fans of Fenerbahse and Real as well as German locals.

A police statement said that 12 individuals —one with life-threatening injuries-, two with serious injuries and nine with minor injuries have been treated and 44 officers were deployed.

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