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Michael Mosley: BBC health guru goes missing on Symi island

A Search and Rescue operation has been launched on the island of Symi to locate missing British journalist and BBC presenter Dr Michael Mosley. The 67-year-old man has been missing since Wednesday afternoon.

He was spending vacations with his wife and he went missing when he decided to return from Agios Nikolaos beach to their hotel on foot.

According to state broadcaster ERT, Mosley, his wife and another couple had visited the beach with a boat.

He was last seen at around 13:30, his wife reportedly told police when she reported him as missing on Thursday morning.

A SAR operation was immediately launched, involving police, coast guard, volunteers and the fire brigade, as well as the use of drones. A specially-trained search-and-rescue dog is also expected to arrive on the island  soon to assist in the search.

The way between Agios Nikolaos beach and the village Pedi is rocky and rutty, ERT reported.

The case is being closely monitored by the leadership of the Greek Police  and according to statements of press officer Constantia Dimoglidou, the search and rescue operation that started early Thursday morning have not yet yielded results.

“He was on the beach of Agios Nikolas with another couple when he decided to return to his home in the Pedi area of ​​Symi. It was around 1.30pm. and he forgot his phone on the beach. All attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful. We have asked the fire brigade to assist in the operation in case he may have slipped, tripped, fallen and even been bitten by a snake, leaving himself injured somewhere,” the press officer said.

Speaking to Mega TV Live News, mayor of Symi, Lefteris Papakalodoukas said short after 4 o’ clock that the search operation remains without positive results.

He added that Mosley had left the beach and reached Pedi on foot through a path and a distance to be covered in 10-15 minutes. His traces went missing in another  area, the Gyalos, the central beach of Symi, while there is footage from CCTV showing him speaking with a man and later with a woman.

The mayor stressed that there were high temperatures on the island in the last two days. He expressed doubts claiming that he may have gone missing on his own choice.

“Symi is a small, flat place… how can a man go missing and not be found when so many people are searching for him,” the mayor said.

Dr Michael Mosley is famous for being a healthy nutrition guru.

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  1. Nobody_important

    He went for a stroll at 13.30 in a heatwave!! — what was the termperature, 38C? and at the age of 67, my age actually. I really have no respect for these “health gurus” on tv and elsewhere, who seem to be actually quite clueless.

  2. Someone said they’d never seen another man with an umbrella on Symi. Yet another man was seen with not only an umbrella, but wearing exactly the same clothes as a missing man. Has this point been investigated further to confirm the owner of the clotbes?