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EU elections Greece: Official results

Eight Greek political parties send 21 MEPs to the European Parliament. among them two TV personas, one actor, one meteorologist, a few journalists. Fredi Beleri, the jailed ethnic Greek mayor-elect of the southern Albanian municipality of Himara, has also been elected on a New Democracy ticket.

Elections on Sunday showed significant gains for far-right and nationalist parties, while the absolute winner was the abstention with 59.5%.

  1. center-right New Democracy 28.31% –  7 seats
  2. left-wing SYRIZA 14.92% – 4 seats
  3. socialist PASOK 12.79% – 3
  4. nationalist Greek Solution  9.3%  – 2
  5. communist KKE  9.25%  – 2
  6. nationalist-religious Niki  4.37% – 1
  7. left Course for Freedom 3.4% – 1
  8. patriotic-nationalist Voice of Reason 3.04% – 1

Postal vote

New Democracy won the majority of votes from Greeks participating from abroad in Sunday’s European Parliament elections.

A total of 36,645 voters participated by mail, resulting in a turnout of almost 73%, giving ND 40.17% , a rate far exceeding the 28.31% the ruling party won overall.

SYRIZA, won 11.14% of postal votes.

MeRA25, the party of ex finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, came third with 9.22%, although it failed to pass the 3% threshold needed to win representation in the EU’s legislature.

Communist KKE received 8.74%.  PASOK 8.72%, New Left 4.85%.

Far-right parties Greek Solution, Niki, and Voice of Reason – seen as the big winners of this election – all collected under 3% of the vote from Greeks abroad.

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  1. It would be interesting to see not only the percentage comparison with the previous election but also the comparison in the actual number of votes cast. I cannot find that information.

  2. If elections changed anything in the EU the elites would stop you voting. What would be interesting is ,if counties like Greece knew why they were voting ,and who would best serve thier needs and interests concerning their relationship with the EU and how it’s laws effect Thier daily lives , then they might have chosen better , not sycophants and chancers collecting their €26,000 a month. Too much beer and no idea.