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Parents bring fans from home to schools amid heatwave

Parents of high school students in Thessaloniki were seen carrying fans from home to school on Wednesday  so that their children could participate at the university entrance exams in a ‘comfortable’ environment due to the heat wave sweeping across the county.

Many public schools have neither Air Conditioning or fans and that was also the reason that authorities have closed primary schools, pre-schools and kindergartens on June 12-13 during the heat wave.

The classrooms of a pre-school have been operating as ‘examination center’ and therefore cooling means were highly necessary.

So the management of the school reportedly asked the parents to bring fans from their homes so that their children could withstand the unbearable heat.

However, it was not only in this one school that parents brought fans from home.

Parents at a school in Ano Liosia suburb of western Athens collected fans from home to facilitate their children to write the exams without heat problems.

PS the government that proceeds with all possible cuts in Education and Health certainly sees in the fan-from-home actions “personal responsibility.”

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  1. My daughter said the fan in her class did not have enough power to cool them off, and that it kept blowing her exam paper on its rotation, annoying and distracting her. Well, at least they tried, τι να πω!