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17-year-old “anarchist” arrested for Varoufakis’ assault

Citizen Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, announced the arrest of a 17-year-old “anarchist” and the identification of two more people who attacked leader of MeRA25 Yanis Varoufakis on Friday night. In a post on Twitter, the Minister commented:”A group of anarchists identified by the Greek police, are those responsible for the …

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Judges reject Romanos’ request; clashes in Athens over hunger-striker

The Judicial Council rejected on Wednesday morning the request of hunger-striker Nikos Romanos to be granted educational furloughs while in prison. With Justice showing a relentless face towards a convict on hunger strike claiming his right to education as foreseen by the law, media reported last night, that coalition government …

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Hunger-strikers’ parents appeal for their children’s lives, say they will hold Justice Ministry responsible if something happens

The right to education is inalienable and for whatever happens to the health of Nikos Romanos and his friends on hunger-strike responsible will be the Ministry of Justice and Minister Charalampos Athanasiou. That was the main idea of the press conference held on Tuesday by the parents of Nikos Romanos …

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Prisoner Nikos Romanos on hunger strike, while ministries play ping-pong with responsibility

This is an excellent example of political and state hypocrisy: A prison convict for bank robbery was first honored by the President of the Hellenic Republic for passing the university exams while in prison. Nikos Romanos, 21, was even awarded with 500 euro for his achievement, even though he refused …

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