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Hermes milestone, ancient pottery seized in police operation in Ilia

The intact marble column with Hermes ancient Greek pottery objects and silver coins were among the priceless artifacts seized in Ilia, Peloponnese, during a police operation on Friday. The marble column depicting Hermes is 71 centimeter tall and has male genitals on it. In the antique, Hermes was the  god …

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Ancient Cup awarded to 1st Marathon winner Spyros Louis returned to Greece

A German university returned to Athens a ancient Greek cup awarded as a prize to the marathon winner in the first modern Olympics of 1896. The Greek Culture Ministry said Wednesday that the 6th century B.C. pottery vessel was considered lost for decades until research in 2014 by archaeologist Giorgos …

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“Ancient Greek warriors” and “Pork BBQ” provocateurs against asylum-seekers

Naousa in North Greece 2019: A man in an ancient Greek warrior costume is waiting together with other compatriots on a semi-dark street in the middle of the night. His compatriots are normally dressed given the weather circumstances. What are they waiting for? A rumor spread via Facebook claimed that …

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Papyrus in Ancient Greek reveals insults …from man to man

A certain Valerius and a certain Athanasius lived during the 5th century AD in Egypt. 1500 years ago, the certain Valerius wrote a letter to Athanasius in Ancient Greek. The letter contained insults and threats of lashing and burning. A fragment of the letter,  written on a Papyrus was translated …

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Rare 1,500-year-old inscription mentioning Byzantine emperor Justinian has been discovered

An extremely rare ancient early Christian Greek inscription mentioning the Byzantine emperor Justinian was found intact. It has been discovered about a kilometer north of Jerusalem’s Old City, on the road leading to Damascus Gate. The once-in-a-lifetime dream archaeological find was discovered by chance during infrastructure work for a phone …

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