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Hey, Grexit-Junkies! You can buy your Drachma-Fix here!

Are you a Grexit-Junkie? Do you get cold turkey seeing your Drachma-fix  being timely moving away? Do you get headache, nausea, night sweats, fever, hallucinations, increased anxiety, confusion and irritability every time a Eurogroup meeting ends up in agreement with Greece? I got news for you! A medicine without prescription …

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Greece imported billions of euro in banknotes to avert bank run?

Greece’s central bank had allegedly  billions of euros of banknotes shipped in from other central banks abroad to avert a bank run during the country’s debt crisis as depositors withdrew their money,  newspaper To Vima reported on Sunday. The banknotes allegedly arrived to Athens per cargo airplanes, while employees at …

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EU Commissioner, UK Money Printing Co: Playing Greece-Euro-Exit Games

What a day! Amid a barrage of warnings and threats for a Greek euro exit and UK companies making even offers to Athens to print there …Drachmas, a EU Commissioner puts the icing on top of  the euro cake. EU Trade Commissioner, Belgian Karel de Gucht claimed that the European Central Bank and the European commission …

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