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Hey, Grexit-Junkies! You can buy your Drachma-Fix here!

Are you a Grexit-Junkie? Do you get cold turkey seeing your Drachma-fix  being timely moving away? Do you get headache, nausea, night sweats, fever, hallucinations, increased anxiety, confusion and irritability every time a Eurogroup meeting ends up in agreement with Greece? I got news for you! A medicine without prescription that can relieve your pain and provide you with temporary comfort.

In Thessaloniki, city of Northern Greece, you can buy your beloved Drachmas, hold them tight in your hands, fondle them and sniff at them every time you fell the world around you is collapsing.


In Aristotelous street in the center of the city, you can buy as many Drachmas as you want and in any form you wish to keep them under your pillow, in an always-to-carry with you amulet, in a frame on the wall or post them around your PC-screen.

Banknotes of 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 DRs lay just there in front of you awaiting to accompany your addition in these tough times.

According to a report of local website, the price to trade each banknote is 2 EUR only.

Just ask for Mr Iordanis, street vendor and collector, who opens his small stand each and every day.

Mr Iordanis has also another goodie for you: Drachma coins. You put them in a bag, shake it and let the sound of music, the well-known Drachma-mandra lullaby you to sweet and nightmare-free sleep.

No worries! The trade is perfectly legal.

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  1. costa sakellariou

    i’m very disappointed with you posting this…

    i have supported greece leaving the eurozone since 2011 – i’m not a grexit junkie, but i simply believe that it is the right way for the country to move forward, and not remain under the boot of northern european banks. period. much of my family who are urban/rural in katerini greece have also come to this conclusion…they are not ‘grexit junkies’ either…

    there is no reforming this rotten (sapio) debt. try and avoid falling into the old persecution complex that ‘the world is against us’ of the ‘kseno daktylo’. while it true that greece always was a client state of somebody – this is a mess that was created both by greek ‘elites’ and their servant politicians.

    it is your blog, and i enjoy checking it out during my morning news survey on the web – but this has really put me off…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      can you tell how urban people will feed their kids and take care of sick elderly while struggling to absorb the impact of euro exit and return to national currency (devaluation included?)

      • Most likely not, most pro-grexit Greeks tend to not know what that actually means. They think “freedom from the EU” and that is pretty much all they need to go for it. That it would make Greece even poorer, would result in it also being expelled from the EU and therefore losing most of their trading partners(since Spain and Italy will be happy to take Greece’s place in that regards).

        And does not even include the devaluation of the new currency, not to mention that the dept would STILL be there, but would roughly double over night.

        You and I might not see eye to eye on everything, or most things, but on this I am with you the Grexit is a bad idea and not because the eurozone might suffer.

        • would result in it also being expelled from the EU

          More scare-mongering of the lowest kind. There is no ,I repeat NO mechanism in the EU setup that makes “expelling” a member possible. It simply cannot be done, and has been admitted to being impossible by the EC themselves.
          As for the benefit of a “Grexit” (if Greece choses to do so, which is the only way it can happen), it does have the enormous advantage that the one tool every country needs, and the EZ members are being denied, is indeed devaluation. The debt does no double over night, that is again scare mongering of the lowest kind. What you are proclaiming is the same error as a child makes when it states that 1000 is a larger number than 10 cubed, because it has more digits… The debt is simply expressed using a different denomination, or numeric value if you like. If I owe you 100 Euro, and express that in Dollars, the debt remains the same. The only change is the denomination in which is gets expressed.
          the advantage of external devaluation must of course be weighed up against the difficulties it would create internally. but then, the enforced internal devaluation has already done most of the damage anyway, without the Greek people having any say in it.

          • There are small mercies Eph. We can at least be grateful that “Franz” forgot to add “”GR will be forced out of NATO” – thus sparing you the boredom of THAT explanation too :))

      • costa sakellariou

        what kind of future is there constantly begging and going into further debt…from the same people that want to sell off everything…

        how will people be fed and cared for? i don’t know…that what we have all these ministers for.

        as far as the urban population – was it ever sustainable to have half of greece’s population living in one city, while the countryside emptied of people. i have been hearing people complaining about this since i was old enough to understand (1970s)…

        i don’t know what the answer is – but the evro is a dead end for small countries.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          you know there are people in the cities that have no village ‘roots’. so once, you solve this problem with a sustainable answer, we can talk again about Grexit.

          • Which does of course open up a totally different set of arguments. How justified is it, in a social sense, to create large concentrations of people (cities) who don’t have, or are not being provided with, the means to sustain their basic needs (food, shelter, heating). It would be justified to see these places a “ghettos”, not based on ethnicity, but on inability to provide for themselves. This is of course where community organisation comes in. Community gardens providing sustance for small sections of a city community (roof-top gardens etc), opening up of derelict or unused buildings to absord shortage in affordable accommodation, properly run markets, etc. There is a serious lesson to be learned from the British system of “allotments”, which should be provided as a matter of planning in every city to stop this situation from arising.
            This is the time where we need to decide whether we allow delict buildings etc to remain in place, or do we remove them and use the freed up space as “allotment” areas?
            It also brings home the fact that basic human needs (food, shelter, heating, clothing and healthcare) should be subjects of a need based economy, rather than subjects a profit based economy. The latter turns basic human needs into weapons of profit for the greedy…

            • keeptalkinggreece

              ghettos of middle classes *sigh*

              • Precisely. We are now in the realm of redefining the purpose of an economy. Does the economy serve society, or does society serve the economy? The difference between the two is “profit”. Does it mean that profit is a “dirty word”? No, it means that profit cannot be the main purpose of economic activity. It also means that any profit must first and foremost serve society, and not individuals. Waiting for the “dirty communist” comments now… (* not from your:))

  2. I have still a 50 Draghme coine.
    Maybe I can use it in the nearest future.