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Deputy FM Diamataris resigns following “fake CV” and other serious revelations

Deputy Foreign Minister, Antonis Diamataris, submitted his resignation on Thursday, while on an official 8-day visit to diaspora Greeks in Australia. The revelations that he faked his CV with postgraduate diplomas he never obtained and even declared a fake birth year had triggered an outrage not only among the opposition …

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UPD ESM acknowledges, it is considering Debt Relief for Greece

The European Stability Mechanism has acknowledged that it is considering ways to grant debt relief to Greece, possibly by fixing the interest level at current low rates or by extending its maturities further. The ESM said in August 2015 that euro area finance ministers stood ready to consider, if necessary, …

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Athens: African communities dismiss UK’s Channel 4 claims of “Black Panthers” in Greece

African communities in Athens dismiss claims that appeared on a report aired by British Channel 4 that ‘there were patrol brigades named Black Panthers for the self-defense of immigrants against racist attacks by extreme-right Golden Dawn.” According to news website NewsIt, after the Channel 4 report, the Ministry of Public …

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Development Minister “Sacks” 37 Civil Servants After Bribes Scandal

 Newly appointed Development Minister Anna Diamantopoulou took some rigorous decision: She asked 37 civil servants incl. their supervisors at the ministry’s Private Investment Department to resign and ordered the inspector of public administration to open their bank accounts and investigate their assets from 2005 until today. Greek Development, Competitiveness and …

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