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Deputy FM Diamataris resigns following “fake CV” and other serious revelations

Deputy Foreign Minister, Antonis Diamataris, submitted his resignation on Thursday, while on an official 8-day visit to diaspora Greeks in Australia. The revelations that he faked his CV with postgraduate diplomas he never obtained and even declared a fake birth year had triggered an outrage not only among the opposition (SYRIZA, KINAL) but also in in the government loyal press (Fileleftheros, Kathimerini). According to the latest media reports on Thursday, although holding a ministerial post, Diamataris was still actively involved in publishing and in real estate, thus violating the Greek Constitution.

Unrepentant about his lies and in an effort to save face, he issued a statement saying:

“In recent days, I have been receiving personal attacks that are disorienting, with the aim of hurting the government and the Prime Minister, whom I love and appreciate, as well as of undermining my work. For this reason, I submitted, with great pain, to Kyriakos Mitsotakis my resignation from the post of Deputy Foreign Minister for Diaspora Hellenism. “

The lies Diamataris put on his CV did not seem to bother the Prime Minister, even though they had triggered an outcry.

Mitsotakis support

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas had supported him still two days ago saying that the Minister’s initial statement “the MBA from Columbia was a misunderstanding.” Petsas had said that Diamataris’ statement was “enough” and that “the issue was over for the government.”

Little did Petsas know. The few independent media dug further in Diamataris activities and the developments turned stormy.

This morning all media, including the government supporting ones, were urging Diamataris’ exit from the government. Veteran New Democracy MP, Nikitas Kaklamanis, told state-broadcaster ERT that the Deputy FM should go.

Among others, media discovered that the real birth year of Diamataris was <1950> and not <1959> as he had stated in his CV that was published on the Foreign Ministry website.

Before and after the CV lies

This amazing guy had according to his CV: studied Economics, and was attending the Columbia at the age of 20, but broke his studies due to “financial reasons” although at the same age bought the newspaper “Ethinkos Kyrix.”

Correcting his CV, the Ministry removed even his studies in Queen’s College.

Non-Stop Revelations

On Wednesday, media revealed that he had appointed as his “advisor” a former manager of a Greek Defense company, also accused of having a “fake Columbia diploma,” who was investigated by the Greek Justice for having caused millions of losses for the Greek state.

On Thursday, media revealed that Diamataris was still active as entrepreneur: as publisher of “The National Herald,” and as owner of a real-estate business in NY. Both his activities violate the Greek Constitution that forbids to government ministers to be involved in “business activities.”


These latest revelations were too much even for the Prime Minister who had a “long friendship” with the -now former – deputy minister who was a close friend of Mitsotakis’ father.

It is not known whether it was Mitsotakis who forced him to resign – and after all, it doesn’t make a difference. The man has been eternally exposed, has damaged the reputation of the government and presented his friend Mitsotakis with a first-class political scandal.

On Wednesday, Diamataris left for an official visit to the Greek communities in Australia.he tweeted that he is going to Australia to listen to “our brothers’ views and bring to them the love of the motherland.”

PS Now Greeks wonder whether taxpayers will have to pay his ticket back to Athens or they, in Australia, will keep him there.

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