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EU official confuses Greece’s Bailout Tranche with Lottery Win

Hop! Hop! Hop! Run! Run! run! The Loan Lottery is awaiting for you! OK. Not for you but for …Greece! An EU official anonymous told foreign media in Brussels that the Greek government might win [sic] a delayed 2 billion-euro aid disbursement by Nov. 9. “Win”? Win a loan? Win a …

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EWG OKs €2.5bn to Greece, EU official sees €3.8bn program shortfall

A good news and a bad news: the Euro Working Group approved the 2.5 billion euro bailout tranche to Greece. The announcement was made via …Twitter! The Euro Working Group of finance officials has approved the disbursement of a E2.5 billion aid tranche for Greece, European Commission spokesman Simon O΄Connor …

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“EU Source” Claims No €31-Billion Bailout Tranche Before October

The notorious but anonymous “EU source” spoke again. And said that Greece would not receive the €31-billion bailout tranche before upcoming October. Greece has been expecting to receive the financial aid in September, but the EU source claimed Greece’s lenders won’t give any green light to the tranche, before the Eurogroup meeting in …

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Juncker Supports Idea of EU Commissioner for Greece!

I wouldn’t have thought that Eurogroup chef Jean-Claude Juncker would keep me busy with a second post today. However as he supports the idea of putting a European commissioner in charge of developing Greece’s economic structure, he deserves a few more sentences in my blog. Speaking to Die Welt German daily …

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