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Prosecutor investigates death of Covid-patient who refused intubation

The public prosecutor in Athens has launched investigation into the death of a 54-year-old woman, a Covid-19 patient, who refused intubation while in the Intensive Care Unit and sought legal assistance to support her case with posts on social media. However, in the end, the patient was intubated and died. …

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“The Health is Bleeding”: Protesting Doctors Cover Hospital Front with Blood

Trainee doctors in Attica state hospitals had an original idea to draw attention at the shortages and shortfalls in the Greek health care sector that is falling apart. During a protest on Tuesday morning, they doused artificial blood at the front of Evangelismos, the biggest state hospital in Athens. With …

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“Rent a Greek Doctor” for €3 per Hour

Doctor trainees working at Evangelismos public hospital found an original way to protest the ridiculous payments of 3 EUR per hour, when on call. They printed and distributed “Rent a Doc trainee for 3 EUR per Hour” leaflets. Greek with University degree seeks job as secretary, doorman, ambulance, nurse, security and …

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