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“Rent a Greek Doctor” for €3 per Hour

Doctor trainees working at Evangelismos public hospital found an original way to protest the ridiculous payments of 3 EUR per hour, when on call. They printed and distributed “Rent a Doc trainee for 3 EUR per Hour” leaflets.

Greek with University degree seeks job as secretary, doorman, ambulance, nurse, security and doctor. 

The payment 3 EUR per hour refers to what the doc trainees receive for every hour they are on call.

The doctors at Evangelismos, one of Greece biggest hospitals in Athens, have not received their on call payments for four months. Further the doctors protest for their salary cuts, the cuts in the health care sector and the unemployment among young doctors that force them to migration.

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  1. Greek Public Health insurance should be done away with. It’s dysfunctional because nobody pays attention to it and nobody cares to improve it. 300 euros gets deducted out of my salary every month and I keep pleading with my employer to stop deducting it. But in this democratic land I don’t have the choice to choose what I want.

    Anyway, it’s currently the most useless system that exists on the planet. Sure, it’s a great system in theory but, as all greeks, nobody wants to do the hard work and actually put the theory into practice and make improvements. The disorganization of the public healthcare system is the perfect example of the disorganization of the entire country. What a shame the on-call hospital doctors get paid so little when the doctors at the IKA clinics all have private practices and have absolutely no bedside manners whatsoever! All doctors in IKA should be just that IKA doctors. They should be stationed at the IKA Clinics as well as assigned hospital duty. Having a doctor who follows your health and then the hospital doctors not wiling to communicate with your doctor and then re-diagnosing you while in the hospital and changing your therapy and meds and then, once out of the hospital your doctor starts asking YOU questions as to why….(this has been my experience with my elderly father – we go to the hospital and they play with theories instead of contacting the person who knows his health and determining together what’s best for the patient). Should I mention that every hospital stay I have to take off work to stay overnight because the nurses outright tell me they can’t keep an eye on ALL patients on the floor (yep, I’ve had that experience too). As a matter of fact I’ve had one too many scary experiences and well, The public heatlhcare system simply SUCKS and is non-existent and IT CAN KILL YOU as far as I’m concerned. and don’t get me started on the amulatory assistance system or the “how you call in case of an emergency system” or the manners of the person that answers your emergency call! We are a very thirder than third world country. SHAME.