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468,000 financial aid for infrastructure damages caused by Lesvos earthquake

Financial aid totaling 468,000 euro has been approved by the Greek Interior Ministry for the damages caused by the earthquake on June 12. The money will be allocated to the Municipality of Lesvos so that damages in the infrastructure network will be repaired. The financial aid of 300,000 euro has …

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Four Greek Banks Get Financial Injection of €18 Billion

Four of Greec’s  biggest banks got a rejuvenate blood trnasfusion with a  financial injection of 18 billion euro by the European Financial Stability Fund. Of course, when the Titanic sinks, bankers are the ones to be saved first. “Greece handed 18 billion euros ($22.6 billion) to its four biggest banks on Monday, …

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DER SPIEGEL: Germany Unwilling to Provide Aid to Greece-Debt Resutructuring inevitable

Despite all the denials, there is a growing realization that a so-called haircut for Greece’s debt can no longer be avoided, reports DER SPIEGEL. The  German weekly claims that Germany is opposed to giving Greece any more financial aid and therefore Athens will have little choice but to restructure its debt. Last …

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