Thursday , June 1 2023
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Erdogan says “They have dollars, we have our Allah,” as Turkish Lira in free fall

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried on Friday all means to save the Turkish lira. he urged citizens to rush to the banks and convert their deposits in dollar, euros and gold into the national currency. “It is a national struggle. It is going to be my nation’s response to …

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+++ Athens Stock Exchange tumbled with unprecedented losses (upd)

Shock and awe! For second consecutive day, Athens Stock Exchange is on free fall with more than 4 billion euro to have fled during the last two sessions.  The free fall seems to be hard to stop and at 3:50 pm, the General Index shows losses of -9.64%! Ten minutes …

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Athens Stock Exchange in Free Fall

Athens Stock Exchange opened on Monday morning into free fall as voters “punished” the pro-austerity parties and results end in political uncertainty and big difficulties to form a sustainable government with clear economic stance towards Greece’s lenders.  As of 12:05 pm, the General Index is at 644 units and a drop of -6.63 percent. …

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