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IMF approves in principle participation in Greek program without financing

The International Monetary Fund approves in principle participation in Greek program without financing, the Fund’s spokesman Gerry Rice said on Thursday. According to the Greek correspondents in Washington, “the IMF present approval of Greek program without financing until debt easing has been granted as a way of putting pressure on …

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IMF to ask Greece’s opposition for ‘assurances’ in implementation of extra austerity

The International Monetary Fund will seek assurances by Greece’s main opposition party New Democracy in case the fund decides to participate in the Greek program. In the regular briefing on Thursday, the spokesman of IMF, Gerry Rice, did not rule out assurances by the Greek opposition. Assurances mean that Greece’s …

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IMF on missing payment: “Greece is now in arrears”

Greece has defaulted on its IMF loan. It is the first Eurozone and the first developed country ever to do so. Below is the IMF’s full  statement on missing payment. Greece is “now in arrears”, not default. At least, not yet… “Greece can only receive IMF financing once the arrears …

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IMF spokesman officially admits wrong calculations on Greece’s program

One after the other officials at International Monetary Fund admit that the strict austerity program imposed to Greece was based on wrong assumptions, calculations, estimations, forecasts, multipliers and predictions  A ‘mistake’ that cost Greek households billions of euro. How many? Nobody dares to calculate or say exactly…. During the regular IMF …

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