Thursday , August 11 2022
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Political Earthquake Shakes Papademos Gov’ as Ministers Resign

A political earthquake shakes the Papademos government after three Ministers from coalition partner LAOS submitted their resignations on Friday afternoon, shortly before the crucial cabinet meeting on the new austerity package and the new loan agreement for a second bailout for Greece. Transportation Minister Makis Voridis, deputy Farming Minister Asterios Rontoulis …

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Greek Bankers At Odds with Gov’t Over “Haircut” & Recapitalization

 There is a strong public confrontation between the Greek government and the Greek banks as the latter oppose a haircut of 50% or more percentage. Tuesday morning, prime minister George Papandreou while calling political parties and citizens to show ‘collectedness’ ahead and after the critical EU Summit on Wednesday, describing the ‘haircut’ …

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Greece: Winds of Change?

The wave of Indignants appears to be spreading increasingly and the virus of  “Speak Up”-disease infects more and more people and social classes. The voices of those seeking changes in the deadlocked political system are getting louder. No, no, there not demands about ‘anarchistic revolts, “overturning the order” and other scary political concepts, …

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Greece: Finance Ministry G.S. resigns after Budget Revenues Shortfall

 A political bomb exploded in the hands of PM George Papandreou’s government after the General Secretary of Finance Ministry, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, submitted his resignation, apparently citing ‘personal reasons’. The government tries to downplay the resignation stressing that the resignation wasn’t due to political or management reasons. However in prime time news, Georgakopoulos …

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