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Greek opposition leader Tsipras calls for European debt conference

Greek main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras from left-wing SYRIZA called for European debt conference and a debt ‘haircut’ for Greece and the entire Southern Europe as the only viable solution. In an exclusive interview to British daily “The Guardian“, Tsipras stressed that the austerity program is not working while it increases the …

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Dutch Boy Finds the Solution to Euro-Pizza Debt Crisis

  A 10 year old boy from the Netherlands won 100 euro for submitting a plan to solve the Greek debt crisis.  UK’s  daily The Telegraph reported that the boy, Jurre Hermans, stole the limelight from some of Europe’s tope economists with a eurozone breakup plan involving pizza slices and pancakes. Debt …

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Donations to Help Greek State with Debt-Crisis Reached 5 Million Euro

Almost 5 million euros has been deposited in a bank account opened in May 2010 to collect donations to help pay off Greece’s debt, it was revealed on Thursday. The account was opened after a proposal by Parliament Speaker Filippos Petsalnikos in May 2010, when Greece asked the European Union …

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Wikileaks Revealed Stratfor Knew About Greek Debt Crisis … In Advance

The economic crisis in Greece and the possible financial support by International Monetary Fund was been monitored by the US think tank Stratfor long before the country officially sought the aid of IMF and before then PM George Papandreou had relevant talks with then IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn in December 2009, shortly after he won …

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Greece – Euro Zone Summit

With eyes turned to Euro Zone Summit and holding their breath Greeks monitor the overwhelming developments in Brussels, lurk for the slightest official or off the record comment that could hind or imply a positive or negative development for the Greek debt crisis. The aim is to reduce the massive Greek debt, to help …

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