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IMF & Co Give “Green Light” for 8b EUR to Greece

Greece’s lenders representatives in Athens, also known as the “Troika”, released their report on fiscal progress and gave the green light for the 8 billion EUR. The sixth bailout tranche would be released to Greece most likely in early November, after the Eurogroup & IMF approval of the progress report. Finance Minister …

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Vote for IMF-Package or Vote for Bankruptcy? Early Elections in July?

The next days will be dramatic for the Greek government as 16  PASOK deputies express concern about the Mid-Term “Rescue” Package imposed by the IMF/EU/ECB Troika.  Furthermore, quite some government ministers allegedly oppose the bright spectrum of privatizations and assets sales. Others oppose the idea of having ‘Troika-Commissioners” overlooking their jobs. Prime …

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IMF/EU/ECB Statement on Greece

“Sudden death” for Greek Soccer and Fourty Years Slavery for Greece. Massive layoffs  in Public Administration, , massive attacks deep in our pockets. More taxes, VAT hikes,  recession. Greece for Sale. Markets Delete. A long death.  The 5th tranche of the €110 bailout will be relesed at the beginning of July, most …

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IMF/EU/ECB to nail and tie Greece on fiscal discipline and measures

Greece’s lenders Troika is here to stay. It looks as if the representatives of International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank won’t leave Athens until they have tied down with nails and ropes Greece’s government officials on further economic measures and revenues increases. According to economic portal the Troika guys …

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