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West Nile virus victims rise to 10, number of total infections 96

West Nile mosquito

Four deaths and 47 new cases of infection with the West Nile virus have been recorded in the last week, thus increasing the total number of deaths to 10 and of infections to 96. According to the weekly epidemiological surveillance report of the West Nile Virus issued by the Greek …

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Evia Forest Fire out of control: 4 villages evacuated, state of emergency

The forest fire in Evia went out of control on Tuesday noon due to strong winds blowing with intensity 5 and 6 Beaufort thus changing the direction of the blaze. Dramatic hours for locals who have to evacuate their villages. Very thick smog covers the broader area creating a suffocating …

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Amazing artifacts recovered from Antikythera shipwreck (picts, video)

A treasury of incredibly rare artifacts, pieces of bronze and marble statues and a mysterious  have been found in the famous shipwreck of Antikythera Mechanism and recovered by archaeologists and divers. Most spectacularly, it is suggested that a total of seven bronze statues are still waiting to be recovered form …

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EU Blackmail worked: Greece to rush for 5 hot spots & 2 relocation camps – but many questions still open

The EU blackmail of “Schengen expulsion” apparently worked. Greece will speed up the establishment of five migrant registration centers (hot spots) and two relocation camps. After a meeting with several ministers, the Prime Minister’s office said that: the completion of 5 “hot spot” registration centers for refugees and migrants on …

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Greece always good for a laughter: on lowering V.A.T. in catering

I openly confess: despite the non-sstop austerity measures, the tax hikes and the strict income decreases that make living unbearable, Greece never stops from triggering a loud, healthy laughter. Maybe the government does it on purpose… you know… for psychological reasons. To make us laugh and forget our misery for a …

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Latest Greek Survey: First Party the… “Undecided”

25% of the Greeks are “undecided” when it comes to the question, which party would they vote. In a latest public opinion survey conducted by Kapa Research for weekly newspaper To Vima, conservative Nea Dimokratia receives 18.1%, socialist PASOK 14.3%, Communist KKE 8.2%, left SYRIZA 6%, Democratic Left 4.9%, far-right LAOS …

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Unionists Claim Property Levy 5 Months Later….

Unionists of Electricity company (DEH) are considering serious ways to block the Property levy, imposed for 2011 and 2012, and present a ticking bombshell to Finance Ministry €2-billion revenues plans. According to the latest information, GENOP-DEH union claims that they will need more than 5 months to send the electricity bills including …

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