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Latest Greek Survey: First Party the… “Undecided”

25% of the Greeks are “undecided” when it comes to the question, which party would they vote. In a latest public opinion survey conducted by Kapa Research for weekly newspaper To Vima, conservative Nea Dimokratia receives 18.1%, socialist PASOK 14.3%, Communist KKE 8.2%, left SYRIZA 6%, Democratic Left 4.9%, far-right LAOS 3.6%.

Extreme right Chrysi Aygi has good chances to enter the parliament with 3.4%.

“Independent Greeks” the newly established party of former ND MP Panos Kammenos receives a respectful 7.2%.

To the question “Who is the most suitable PM?” newly elected president of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos receives 22.9%, Antonis Samaras from Nea Dimokratia 21.7%. “None of these two” say 52.5% of the respondents.


All recent public surveys show that no party would manage an overall majority. A party needs at least 44% in order to form a one-party government.

Early elections are supposed to be held on April 29th or May 6th or  May 13th 2012. The official date is expected to be announced next week.

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  1. How much do ND and PASOK need to have together in order to form a coalition government?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they will have to have together (more than 151) 165 seats in the parliament of 300. The first party gets a bonus of 50 seats (blame the Greek election laws!), so the percentages are not so much the point for a colaition gov.