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How the ECB plunders Pension Funds and Deposits

Are you one of the few chosen ones with euro savings at the bank? Are you shocked every time you go get your “profit” from the interest rates to see a handful of coins landing in your purse?  You complain to the bank and get the standard answer “There is …

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Some blessed Greeks receive up to 10 different pensions

Do you know that there are people who receive retirement money from up to 10 different pension funds? According to data reported by the Greek Minister of Labor, Social Security and Welfare, Yiannis Vroutsis, there are a total of 174 retirees managing to collect more than 4,000 euro per month …

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Greeks to sink in insurance contributions: pension of 360 EUR and “compulsory life insurance”

Groundbreaking changes in Greece’s pension schemes are on the way as the social insurance funds are about to collapse due to high unemployment and liquidity shortage in the labor market. There are plans for a national pension of just 360 EUR and a ‘compulsory life insurance’ to cover the rest …

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All Eyes On Greek PSI

Expectations on a successful Greek bond swap (PSI) are high, just a few hours before the official offer of the Greek state expires on Thursday night (2000GMT/ 8 pm local time). The Greek government seems optimistic. “It is going well, we are optimistic,” a Greek official told Reuters on conditions …

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Hurray!!! Greeks will get an ‘Oljefondet’!

One may rightly ask “What is Oljefondet?” No, it”s not Oil Fondue! Oljefondet or Oil Fund is the Norwegian Petroleum Pension Fund, the largest pension fund in Europe and the fourth largest in the world with assets exceeding 400 billion euros. The Oljefondet is a fund into which the surplus …

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