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As Greeks Head to New Elections: Latest Public Poll

“Elections are over, long live the new elections!” This could be the slogan in Greece after 10-day government talks failed to come to a solution of a sustainable government. This happened for two reasons: First, because the austerity-hit and frustrated Greek voters were dispersed in all four directions of the political spectrum, thus …

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Greek Elections – Latest Public Survey

Greece’s voters seem divided to an extreme. To such extreme that they may push ten political parties in the Greek parliament with their votes. According to latest public survey, conducted by Marc for private Alpha TV, conservative Nea Dimokratia remains first party in the choice of voters however it is …

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Survey: 48.1% Greeks Say “Yes” To Bankruptcy?

No matter what dilemma PM Lucas Papademos puts on the table (Bailout+Austerity or Default), the Greek people seem to have a different opinion. They haven’t elected him to be prime minister anyway.  In a public survey conducted by RASS, 48.1% of the Greeks say “Yes” to Bankruptcy, while 38% say “No”. The …

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Survey: 60.7% Greeks Want Elections by 19. Feb 2012

It is just one month after the coalition government of ex-banker Premier Lucas Papademos came into power and Greeks are already fed up. According to a public survey conducted by MRB, 55.1% say that the image of Papademos’ government is ‘bad’ , while 60.7% of Greek citizens want parliamentary elections …

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