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Greek Elections – Latest Public Survey

Greece’s voters seem divided to an extreme. To such extreme that they may push ten political parties in the Greek parliament with their votes. According to latest public survey, conducted by Marc for private Alpha TV, conservative Nea Dimokratia remains first party in the choice of voters however it is far from reaching the absolute majority, a necessary 44% at least in order to form a one-party government. ND and socialist PASOK get together no more than 40% which would grant them 158 seats in a parliament of 300.

 According to Marc-survey political parties would get percentage and seats distribution as follows:

ND 22.3% (110 seats)

PASOK 17.8% (48 seats)

right Independent Greeks 9.9% (26 seats)

left SYRIZA 9.8% (26 seats)

Communist KKE 9.7% (26 seats)

Democratic Left 8.6% (23 seats)

extreme-right Chrysi Avgi 5.7% (15 seats)

far-right LAOS 3.9% (10 seats)

Ecologists-Green 3.1% (8 seats)

centre Democratic Alliance 3% (8 seats).

44% of the respondents forecast a coalition government of ND and PASOK.

“Undecided” voters tend to vote in favor of small parties like Democratic Left, Independent Greeks and SYRIZA.

source: Proto Thema

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