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France, Netherlands, Denmark block EU accession of North Macedonia, Albania

French President Emmanuel Macron blocked on Friday the begin of EU accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania. In support of French position were also the Netherlands and Denmark. The EU Summit deeply disappointed the two Balkan countries, as unanimity is required for new EU member states. Macron said the …

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Greece closely monitors Albania’s decision to seize properties of Greek minority

The Albanian government may has removed from the website of the Official Gazette the decision to arbitrarily expropriate properties belonging to members of the Greek minority in Himara. But Greece is closely monitoring the next steps of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama,as taking down the decision, does not mean that …

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Edi Rama to expropriate land belonging to Greek minority in Albania

Albanian prime minister Edi Rama plans to expropriate properties belonging to members of the Greek minority in Himara, Agioi Saranta and Avlona and utilize the coastal area in South Albania area for touristic purposes. The relevant decision was published in the official Gazette as well as online on Friday and …

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Albanian PM Rama: No territorial claims against Greece

In a bid to take the sting out of a string of incendiary remarks, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has denied his country is following an irredentist foreign policy with its insistence on discussing the issue of claims made by the Cham community to the property they left behind when …

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