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Plevris removed from Bar Association over Nazi salute in GD trial

Τhe Athens Bar Association’s disciplinary board removed lawyer Konstantinos Plevris, for a Nazi salute in front of judges and a crowd of people at an appeal hearing of Golden Dawn in October 2022. Plevris, who is well-known for his Nazi support, was representing Giannis Lagos, a MEP and former GD …

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Plevris vs Plevris: Health Minister criticizes his father for Nazi salute in courtroom

With several days delay,  Greece’s conservative Health Minister Thanos Plevris went public to criticize his father for Nazi salute inside the courtroom. His father Costas Plevris, a lawyer and well-known Holocaust-denier, was attending as defense lawyer of convicted MEP Giannis Lagos the second instance trial of neo-nazis Golden Dawn last …

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