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Patras: Authorities seize Dementia patient’s savings due to her daughter’s …debts

You cannot take a breath in this country. You are old and suffer from a degenerative disease and you try to make your life a bit easier. No chance, in this country with automatic control mechanisms. Authorities come and grab your savings for the debts of another person. A dementia …

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Patras: mice eat pensioner’s savings hidden in home basement

A Greek pensioner was very worried about his savings amid the bad example of Cyprus crisis and the Eurogroup decisions to grab people’s deposits. The man from Patras in western Peloponnese went recently to the bank and withdrew his savings: 25,000 euro. He stuffed the money cartons full of books …

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Greece’s Creditors Dispute on Greek Bailout, While Germans Speak of Fresh Debt Restructuring

Greece’s economy, debts, loans and inability to take the problems under control spark fierce discussions not only among the locals like taxpayers and tax-evaders, unionists and unemployed, employees and pensioners, representatives of political parties. Equally involved in the dispute are the country’s international and European creditors, taxpayers around Europe and economists. However …

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