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“As if we were in a horror movie”: Survivors speak about Athens wildfires

“It was as if we were in a horror movie,” say survivors when they speak about their experience and how they managed to escape death in the wildfires in North-east Athens and Attica. “We were seeing the flames and the smoke on the mountain and our friends were telling us …

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RT report: “Debt Drama: Was whole Greek bailout deal a failure?” (video)

Stuck in recession, plagued by soaring unemployment and suicides – the Greek plight is dragging on, sending shivers across the EU. Greece is struggling to meet the conditions of its international lenders, who are pouring billions into the ailing economy. But when will the rescue package actually work? Or has …

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Marfin bank arson: 32 months later prosecutor has evidence to raise felony charges

For 32 months authorities have been collecting eye-witnesses testimonies and other material and now the prosecutor is about to call two suspects to testify on the arson attack at Marfin bank on 5. May 2010 that claimed the lives of three employees and an unborn child. The suspects are expected to testify …

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