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Daily Archives: March 8, 2011

Moody Moody’s downgrades Greece’s capital, Athens, as well

No, it’s not a joke! It’s bitter serious!  Rating agency Moody’s is very moody recently and downgrades whatever “Greek” crosses its way. So, beware to avoid a Moody and its small Moody’s, should you see one on the streets. Moody Moody’s will downgrade you personally by 3 notches and define …

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Moody’s: Losses of a possible Greece’s Default at 50%

One day after Moody’s downgrade by 3 nothes, Sarah Carlson, analyst at Moody’s Investors Services said that the losses of a possible default will be around 50% for creditors. Speaking to Greek economic portal Capital, Carlson said that “any estimation of losses in the event of a default would be speculative”. …

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Will Greek government really deport the migrants on hunger strike?

A deadlock has been occurred between the Greek government and the migrants on hunger strike, as the latter reject all offers made to them. Now the Greek government even threatens them with deportation, should they keep refusing food and hospital care on the 43rd day of their strike. Of course, this …

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Kastellorizo: What’s in the mind of Turkish FM Davutoglu?

That Ankara keeps an eye on the islet of Kastellorizo is not new. But Turkey’s insistence that the tiny island  should be left out of the bilateral exploratory talks is something I don’t like at all. Should we see it as an Ankara’s attempt to create a new ‘grey zone’? Not similarly to …

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(UPD) Athens Stock Exchange plunges a day after Moody’s downgrade

Athens Stock Market suffered the heaviest losses since the beginning of the year and plunged at -3.81% and banks down at 6,26% in the shadow of Moody’s downgrade. Athens Stock Exchange is on a falling course and banks experience massive liquidation a day after rating agency Moody’s downgraded Greece’s credit …

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Greece in International Women’s Day

I feel really touched and honored every 8th of March, when politicians, organisations and all possible and impossible people issue statements and remind me that the equality of men and women is only a written sentence in the book of constitutions in many countries .  I still get a lower salary than my male colleagues.    A …

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