Athens Riot Police Beats Photo-Reporters (pcts, video)

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With unprecedented zeal Greek riot police beat and harassed Greek and foreign photo-reporters covering  the incidents during the general strike protests. The photo-reporters were easy to be identified through their television and cameras and had their press ID.

Greek reporter Tatiana Bolari gets punched by a policeman

Speaking to private MEGA TV, Bolari described the incident. “He was beating me and I was telling him, Beat me but take off your helmet to see who you are”. The policeman beat then even harder. Bolari said, she believes that the riot police attacks today was targeted as the police did not want documents of the violence. {Of course, nowadays such an oppression strategy is in vain as every citizen takes pictures and videos per mobile phones, iphones, etc-phones…]

While Bolari gets beaten, another riot policeman kicks another reporter.

 Greek photo-reporter Panagiotis Tzamaros gets beaten form the back with a club


The 2 pictures of Bolari and the one of  Tzamaros were taken by Reuters photo-reporter Yannis Behrakis.

A photo-reporter of AFP lost one front tooth when a policeman hit her with his shield. Using the shield to hit protesters is the new ‘tactic’ of riot police.

Video: Riot Policemen harass Journalists & Photo-Reporters; they sharply protest and some shout  “Junta”. They call the policemen ‘amateurs’. One man shouts “Why? Why? Do we throw stones or what?”

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At 8.30 pm tonight, the beaten and harassed reporters are to file a complaint to the prosecutor.

UPDATE:  Photo-reporter Tatiana Bolari filed a complaint last night. According to Greek Police, the riot policeman was identified and detained on Thursday noon.

The Foreign Press Association of Greece condemned the incidents and urged the Minister of Citizens’ Protection and the Head of Police to find the responsible policemen and punch them. 


Once more we want to complain about the violent behaviour of Greek police officers against colleagues of the Greek and foreign media, while covering protesting citizens in front of the Parliament.

 Although our colleagues’ profession was more than obvious (tv / photo cameras), the police force attacked without reason, only to physically abuse colleagues, such as a photojournalist from Agence France Presse, and damage their equipment.

Today’s attack and Greek police officers tactics against media, raises serious issues that cannot be regarded as accidental, as proven by visual material in our possession.

We ask the Citizen’s Protection Minister and the Head of the Greek police to inquire deeper in today’s incident and take the necessary action in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.