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Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

Beware! New Fraud Tricks Per SMS!

This seems to be the new fraud trick. They send SMS claiming you have won Millions and Millions in Lottery wins and they try to steal your personal data. A practice similar to the Nigeria spams through e-mails. Now the Department of Cyber Crime Unit of the Greek Police has …

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Guest Post: A Very European Financial Coup d’état

Our KTG-friend Cheshire Cat just submitted his latest post of ” A Very European Financial Coup d’état”. To tell you the truth, I’m glad to see more and more people speaking of a Coup d’ Etat triggered by the markets and facilitated by the inability of the EU leaders to cope …

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Belgians Show Solidarity and Dress “Manneken Pis” With a Greek Costume

Debt-ridden belgians decided to show solidarity with broke Greeks and passed the famous Brussels landmark “Manneken Pis” a traditional Greek costume. The naked “Little Man Peeing” into the fountain basin got dressed with the costume of Evzonos or Tsolias, the unique traditional Greek costume with a kilt-like garnment. The Manneken Pis …

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