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Juncker: Feb 15 Eurogroup via Tele-Conference; “Let’s Get Physical” on Feb 20

Yes! KTG’s speculations were right. Eurogroup head Jean Claude Juncker said that Wednesday’s  tomorrows Eurogroup meeting will take place via teleconference because Greece still has some homework to do. That is close the fiscal hole of 325 million euro with real expenditure cuts proposals and have the Papademos coalition government leaders send their written pledges.

Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker has invited euro zone ministers to a conference call on Wednesday, Feb. 15, to discuss a second Greek programme, he said on Tuesday, changing a previous plan to hold a meeting with the ministers in Brussels.

Juncker said the format for the conference had been changed because he was still waiting to receive assurances from Greek political leaders over the implementation of a reform programme, and other technical work remained to be done.

“It has appeared that further technical work between Greece and the troika is needed in a number of areas, including the closure of the fiscal gap of 325 million euros in 2012 and the debt sustainability analysis,” Juncker said in a statement that followed a preparatory meeting for the event.

“Furthermore, I did not yet receive the required political assurances from the leaders of the Greek coalition parties on the implementation of the programme,” he said.

“Against this background, I have decided to convene ministers to a conference call tomorrow in order to discuss the outstanding issues and prepare the ordinary meeting of the Eurogroup on Monday, 20th February 2012,” he said in the statement. (Reuters)

PS there are rumors on Twitter claiming Juncker posted 10 pictures on Facebook showing him setting up the cables for tomorrows teleconference. Other rumors claim, he posted another 10 pictures showing him that he can’t find the plugs.


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  1. Please. In the name of justice.
    Show us also wages cuts for the MP:s?
    Or are they excluded?
    Due to hard work?

  2. as far as I can remember got a 5% solidarity tax and some cut sin office expenses. Wages cuts? are you crazy? how can they fulfil their duties being hungry? BTW: their minimum wage is 5,000 euro net. No country wants to be competitive with the Greek Parliament.

  3. per month of course lol

  4. Aha, I see.
    I quickly found 2 of the missing 325 million in cuts!
    Plus bonus in the form of their offices and staff.
    Heureka I found it.

  5. hahaha, I had also proposed they work pro bono, but they don’t seem to read my blog

  6. …fiscal hole of 325 million euro…

    New election will cost around 270 million euro… here in Greece. Why?! I don’t think anywhere else it costs that much?
    With that problem solved.
    Signature of Pap & Sam: 0 euro. Political cost: 0 euro. Piece of paper to put it on: 0,05 euro. Amount of money from Troika: xxx billion euro…

  7. As I earlier said, they will enjoy their well furnished homes, staff to clean and cook, cars already fueled and waiting…. for the driver to drive them. But why should I complain, I am just a simple tax payer, doing my bit to help my synadelfos with the solidarity tax, and to help prevent a default….

  8. they can save 0,05 euro by sending the pledges per e-mail and electronic signature. A petition-style written commitment.. Oh the political cost for Sam is more than zero.
    why elections costs so high in Greece? because Greeks have stopped buying newspapers and need something to read at lunch.

  9. I was doing it the way it is always required by the tax-office here: sign the paper and fax it. No e-mail allowed. 😀

    By the way: just looked up the total cost of Parliament elections in The Netherlands: between 12,5 and 15 million euro! That’s shocking! Don’t these Dutch know how valuable a democracy is??? 😯

  10. what is the population of the Netherlands?

  11. !!! :)))

  12. 17 million. Why?

  13. Total election costs in Denmark are about 15 million Euro (110 million DKK) – the Danish population is about the half of the Greek population, so the equvivalent costs would be about 30 million Euro.

    It should in fact be lower than that in Greece. Most of the costs for Danish elections are compensations to those citizens, who form the vast majority of the electoral staff/workers. Compensention amounts to about 100 Euro per citizen for 14-16 hours of work on election day, and you get free lunch and dinner during the day, too.

  14. just curious

  15. WOW. It sounds like good managment of public money.

  16. Because then the equvivalent costs for Greece would be between 8 and 10 million Euro!

  17. They only come up with election costs to abort the elections.

  18. Good for a journalist. 😆

    Interested in how many MPs? 150 in Lower and 75 in Upper House. And the last ones are part-timers. First ones are getting 7.000 euro/month gross and the second around 2500 euro/month gross. And MPs have complementairy car and driver and just one has a bodyguard.
    How many parties in the Lower House? 10. Largest has 31 (conservative Liberals) and smallest 2 (a christian party that does not allow women in office or parliament and a party for animals).
    1 Prime Minister, 11 Ministers and 8 Deputy-ministers. Oh, and one Queen. 😀
    Prime Minister and ministers: 144.000 gross (included is 13th & 14th Month, excluded car with driver)
    Deputy Ministers: 135.000 gross (incl. 13&14th month, excluded car with driver)

  19. Yep. Your from Denmark? Do you know how much it is there?

  20. Svend, thanks for the answer.

    Compensention amounts to about 100 Euro per citizen for 14-16 hours of work on election day, and you get free lunch and dinner during the day, too.

    Yes, 3,6 million euro of the total amount in Holland is for that same purpose.
    I was reading the official budget for elections on the website of the Interior Ministery (yes, nothing better to do on a very grey, wet and cold winters evening in sunny Greece) and was surprised because I saw figures like 38.452 and 11.367. And I thought: this can’t be right, I just read that the total was 15 million and now I read figures in the tens of million??? *cough* Seems these are 38 thousand 452 euro and 11 thousand 367 euro… And I bet some civil servant still has sleepless nights because they did not mention the 36 cents!!!
    Don’t you love living here when you read that? I do! 😆

  21. wow! and you have a Queen too with many little princes and princesses…#romantic

  22. Greece once had a Queen, too … the last one a shield-maiden descended from viking ancestors. 😉

  23. No, I come up with election costs, because it is, like everything here, something that the nomenklatura uses to rip us off even more.
    Party funding is sky high. Everybody gets paid for everything during elections. Even tickets to travel… Schools, courthouses and so on are closed days before and after. To name just two things. And you don’t even get, like in many countries to see the official voting list prior to voting or a call-up card and info where to vote.

  24. Yes, I’m a proud Danish patriot … and btw, my wife is from Holland, and we met some 35 years ago in a small village (Mirtos) just west of Irapetra on Creta.
    Guess we’ll go there soon again, to spend some money, and to see old acquaintances; I hope my old friend the blind bouzouki-player Andonis is still alive and well.

    I’ve posted the election-costs above; please notice that the average cost per capita is 3 Euro, everything included.

  25. Antonis, paying costs secures votes. Why do you think Greeks have been ruled by the same parties again and again? Corruption of the society I would call it.