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Greek Hit by 20,000 Volts as He Illegally Tries to Reconnect Electricity

A 45-year-old man was hit by 20,000 Volts as he tried to reconnect electricity for his home, after Greek Public Power Company (DEH) cut the supply due to unpaid debts. “I’m going to get what belongs to me” the man told his stunned neighbors before climbing high  the PPC column to reconnect the power supply to his home.

However the desperate man touched the electricity cable with bare hands. 20,000 volts of electricity penetrated his body, while his trousers got fire. 

Neighbors told news portal newsit that the man had recently moved to one humble home at a neighborhood of Aegaleo, suburb of western Athens, with a bed-ridden mother and a brother.  The family had financial difficulties, could not come up for daily expenses. One week ago, the PPC had cut the power due to unpaid debts.

The man is hospitalized in critical condition.


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  1. Of course I hope he will survive this. But his claim to a divine right to electricity must have angered some deity. Most likely Zeus himself.

  2. Does the story answer the obvious question on why none of the stunned neighbors didn’t call the police or fire department immediately after seeing him climb the pole and maybe he could have been stopped before he touched the wire? Or was it just Den Variese as usual in Greece.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    you think the neigbors had nothing better to do than to watch the man committing suicide?