Eurogroup Juncker Warns Greek Voters of “Unforeseeable” Consequences for EZ

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I upload this post just in case you have missed some internvention from abroad to the democratic procedure of free Greek elections. Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker warned Greek voters no to turn their backs to euro. Speaking to Austrian newspaper Der Kurier, Juncker claimed that “a win by anti-bailout radical leftists in a vote on Sunday would have unforeseeable consequences for the monetary union.

Yeap! Good old-boy, Jean-Claude, a trade unionist by profession,  tells Greeks that the Euro zone would collapse if they vote for SYRIZA. Why should Greeks listen to him???

Juncker Recommends: Half a Vote to SYRIZA

“If the radical left wins – which cannot be ruled out – the consequences for the currency union are unforeseeable,” Juncker, head of the group of euro zone finance ministers, told Austrian paper Kurier.

“We will have to speak to any government. I can only warn everyone against leaving the currency union. The internal cohesion of the euro zone would be in danger.”

In addition to the economic and social consequences for Greece itself, an exit would damage the entire currency union, he said, adding: “This has to be avoided. This would send a devastating signal. The Greeks must be aware of this.”

No matter who wins the vote, Juncker said, European leaders would have to quickly address Greece’s reform programme with the country’s new leadership. “A third election would not be a solution.”

He made clear, however, that renegotiating the substance of the conditions for international aid to Athens was out of the question. (Full article Reuters)

I assume that our Juncker is angry for having to spend next Sunday hanging on the phone with ECB president Mario Draghi and EU Ec&Mon Commissioner Olli Rehn, while waiting for the Greek elections results.

Grim Sunday perspective: Chat with Draghi & Rehn

Instead of issuing meaningless and undemocratic warnings our EU- and EZ- chiefs should better start working on a Euro-crisis solution and stop spending  European taxpayers’ money on chatting of the phone and holding meetings that lead to nowhere.

Juncker: “Greeks?”