Greek Political Parties to Get a State Injection of 50 Million Euro

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Greece got money! Not for the citizens, but for the political parties that entered the parliament after the June 17 elections. Even for one party that did not manage to pass the 3% threshold.

The generous Greek state will subsidize the eight parties will millions of euro, in times where… Oh I refuse the same litany again…

The money is distributed according to the votes and not the rates at the elections.

The elections winner Nea Dimocratia gets the lion’s share with 15.4 million, however the money is less than the 17 million euro in 2009.

Left-wing SYRIZA gets 14.1 million. A real increase from the 4 million euro it used to get. 

PASOK will get just 7.5 million as its rate experienced a sharp decline. Since the 2009 elections PASOK was receiving 21.75 million euro per year. the socialist party is at the verge of a nervous breakdown as it has taken loans amounting 125 million euro with guarantee the state subsidiary, that unfortunately falls short now.

Small parties become millionaires, of course. Independent Greeks get 4 million, Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) 3.9 million, Democratic Left 3.4 million and KKE just 3.95 million (from 5.2 mn euro in 2009).

Coalition Drasi/Dimiourgia Xana get 750,000 euro despite that they did not manage to enter the parliament. Then the law provides that only parties with less than 1.5% do not get subsidised. (, Proto Thema)

The money comes from the state budget.

There is no money for the May 6 elections results – consider them as if they didn’t occur…

The new elected MPs are expected to be sworn-in tomorrow Thursday. The parliament can start working again.