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It wasn’t Vladimir Putin on Greek Vacation But Bankier Andrey Kostin

…Oops! It wasn’t President Vladimir Putin but Andey Kostin, powerful Russian bankier on visit to West Ploponnese, Katakolon and the Ancient Olympia. That’s what local news portal Patris News reported later in the evening. Not problem at all. The news portal  writes anyway that Kostin and his  companions are on board of Sea Rapsody etc…etc… So when reading below just replace “Vladimir Putin” with “Andrey Kostin” lol

Η \"επίσκεψη\" του Βλάντιμιρ Πούτιν σε Κατάκολο και Ολυμπία που δεν έγινε ποτέ...

VIP helicopters for VIP tourists

earlu afternoon Wednesday:

            Russian President Vladimir Putin Allegedly in Greece for Summer Vacation

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly in Greece sailing through blue waters, enjoying the sun in Western Peloponnese and visiting archaeological sites. According to local news portal Patris News Vladimir Putin is on board of  luxury yacht Sea Rhapsody, currently off shore  the port of Katakolo for security reasons.

The news portal reports the presence of security guards at the port of Katakolon.

Swimming from Katakolon to Olympics?

Latest information claim that Putin was about to visit the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia on Wednesday afternoon and local policemen had secured the area.

The Russian president has allegedly visited the area also in the past, igognito!

PS Hopefully we get some picture to confirm the information…”

BTW: Where is Putin right now?


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  1. Good! Let Putin and his entourage put some tourist money into Greece!

  2. Shouldn’t you change that photo? Because that is most definitely Putin, however he’s swimming in Siberia in that photo.

  3. OK…so it’s Andrei Kostin!! They are still spending money in Greece!!

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    therefore we post about them 🙂