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Greece Cleans Insurance Funds from Fake Pensioners

Aha! Greece is cleaning the Augean stables full of local and foreigners illegally receiving pensions, social and welfare benefits.  With a huge broom is sweeping away  those who for years profited form public money without being eligible to do so. This weeks’ target of Greek Labour Ministry are the stables at farmers’ fund OGA. Minister Yiannis Vroutsis announced on Monday that 2,800 pension from farmers’ fund OGA will be cancelled because the recipeints did not appear during the funds’ census. “The gain for the public administration will be about 14 million euro,” Vroutsis said adding that “those who will not return the money they will feel the breath of justice.”

Vroutsis made these statement after a meeting with Athens economic prosecutor assigned to investigate and punish those illegally profiting from public money.

Vroutsis stressed that no ‘fake’ pension will be given as of 01.01.2013 and did not elaborate why the measure should be be implemented immediately. Apparently because there is another census going on now, for pensioners’ of Greece’s biggest insurance fund IKA.

During last years’ census 80,000 IKA pensioners were not confirmed with the majority of them to have passed away. Their relatives had simply ‘forgot’ to declare it and kept receiving the pension of the deceased.

Of the mnay fake blinds from the island of Zakynthos who were illegally receiving ‘blindness allowance’, 61 had active driving licences.

According to Labour Ministry, illegal pensions and social and welfare benefits cost the state budget 1 billion euro per year.

20,000 people were receiving pensions without been eligible and caused losses of 120 million euro to insurance funds.

When the prosecutor asked the insurance funds to declare of how many illegal pensions were informed the answer he received was just “thirteen.”

As for the OGA pensions, Vroutsis disclosed that 2,731 beneficiaries  were citizens of former Sovjet Union.

Can you imagine? 2,731 x 300 x 14 months = 11 million euro per year! As every country Greece has 12 months but employees give 14 salaries due to Xmas (Ded 100%) and Vacation bonuses (50% at Easter +50% in August).

PS In the past, Greek state had generously given pensions to people of Greek origin from Albania and former USSR-Republics. An OGA pension of 300 euro – without contributions by the insured. The aim? “Trading pensions for votes” as some claim… Furthermore Greek farmers’ pay symbolic contributions to OGA. *sigh*

 BTW slowly we come behind the mystery of huge Greek debt. One just needs to add together the billions for fake pensions/benefits and the 5.5 billion euro the state granted to ATE Bank during the last 10 years… it could be nicely 20 billion euro. spent literally for nothing!


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  1. Maybe all this money, that must be collected and payed back to the institutions and state, can be used to finally settle the unsolved drama of the insured from former Aspis company!

  2. So sad and criminal that all these discoveries are happening now ( although it must be the tip of the ice-berg)at the time the going gets rough: was there no urge to be on top of this before? No sense of dignity and honesty among politicians and people? Are the Greeks confirming what is said about them abroad? How can one keep defending the Greeks if such vast numbers of people took part in all these schemes?

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    Part of the Greeks; it has very much to do with corruption n the public sector. However the other part of Greeks were and are still honest and hard struggling people 🙂

  4. The really sad thing is that all these abuses have led to the honest people having their entitlements reduced, if not scrapped, and thier contributions raised.
    And now that somebody has decided to make an example of a few of the abusers, the money that may, or probably may not, be returned will not go to reinstate those who lost out as a consequence of the abuse of others. The moneys recoverd will go to pay off foreign gamblers who through their actions were instrimuntal in bringing this country to its knees. Unfortunately, these gamblers are being protected by the European powers and are we are not allowed to let them pay for their losses.
    Greeks, Portuguese, Irish, Spanish etc will remain hard struggling people until these people are made pay for their own losses.