Thessaloniki: Baby-Girl Abandoned at Pediatrics-Clinic Elevator

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A visitor at the new born clinic could not believe his eyes when he entered the hospitals elevator: a baby girl was left there, wrapped in diapers. Abandoned on the cold floor of an elevator at a pediatrics clinic of Ippokratio Hospital in Thessaloniki.  Apparently by a single mom or parents who would not come up for the baby’s expenses.

The visitor alarmed the clinic personnel. Medical tests showed the baby was healthy.

Authorities conduct an investigation to locate the parents.

The baby, the clinic personnel named “Alexandra”, is being  fostered at the nursery “Agio Stylianos” of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

The age of the baby has not been revealed.

The incident occurred some ten days ago.

At least, the parent wanted to be sure, the baby would immediately being taken care of…