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Greek Parliament Goes … Vulgar

An unprecedented vulgar verbal attack from the side of Greek Parliament Speaker allegedly occurred this morning in the plenary hall of the Parliament. “Suck my ***” was allegedly the vulgar sentence that soon reached the mainstream media, the websites and the blogs. The  parliament office dismissed the claims that such a sentence was spoken by the Parliament speaker, even though  with hours of delay.

According to hearsaying of eyewitnesses,  Parliament Speaker Evangelos Meimarakis lashed out against another MP from Nea Dimocratia in …French. Meimarakis used unprecedented expresions at his colleague Prokopis Pavlopoulos because ealier in the morning he had talked with the journalist who had revealed a case of money-laundering in which Meimarakis and two other former ministers from ND were allegedly involved.

Meimarakis’ outburst, which took place in the corridors of parliament in front of shocked journalists, was directed at former interior minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who earlier had spoken about the case on Real FM, which is owned by the journalist who broke the story, Nikos Chatzinikolaou.

“I heard this morning that you went to Chatzinikolaou and sucked his c**k. Come here and suck mine; it’s better!” Meimarakis said, according to reporters who witnessed the unparliamentary exchange. (Athens News)

 According to To Vima newspaper, Pavlopoulos had in mind that the dialogue was a bit different:

Meimarakis told him among others: “Why did you go and licked Chatzinikolaou in the morning?”

Meimarakis first comment to reporters was “I have bo idea what you’re talking about …”

Several hours later the press office of the Parliament issued a press release saying that Meimarakis and Pavlopoulos categorically dismissed the alleged dialogue as this was posted on internet”.

Accordint to the latest version of the incident, when Pavlopoulos addressed Meimarakis, he go the answer “Don’t bother me…”

During the last days Meimarakis had lashed out against the owner of the newspaper as well, using a …challenging  language…

After the revealations of Real News, Meimarakis suspended his duty and said he would resign to facilitate the work of financial inspectors.

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