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Two Tourists Were Allegedly Beaten by Greek Police

 What’s going on with Greek police? Two tourists, one from South Korea and one from New Zealand, claimed that they were beaten by the police while on vacation in the country. The Korean was allegedly beaten in Athens, the New Zealander in Chania, Crete. Is this the way to promote tourism in a country sinking in debts?

Kiwi Tourist says, he was kidnapped, beaten by Greek Police

A kiwi traveller has told of an overnight ordeal at the hands of police on the idyllic tourist island of Crete. Joel Stirling, 29, says he was was kidnapped, beaten and robbed by Greek police after being set up by a seemingly friendly local in a restaurant in the town of Chania.

Joel Sterling. Photo / Michael Craig

Stirling and his two friends were holidaying in Greece after a six-month stint working on super yachts and had befriended the man over dinner. Stirling stayed out without his friends, but soon was confronted by two police officers, who cuffed his hands behind his back, pushed him into a car and put a sack over his head.

At the police station, he says he was kicked to the ground, beaten and robbed of his wallet, carrying around $200.

“It quickly escalated into a really serious situation,” Stirling said. “They starting punching me, just laying into me. I think I got hit in the face with a police baton. They were very menacing. They kept saying ‘no one’s going to save you, you’re not going to leave alive’. They wouldn’t tell me why I had been arrested or what I had done.”

Left alone in a tiny cell, Sterling retrieved his mobile phone from the back of his pants, where he had hidden it during the drive.

Now back in New Zealand, Stirling advises others travelling to Greece to stay in pairs and not be lulled into a false sense of security by friendly locals. He won’t set foot in Crete again. (via new zealand herald)

Greek police beat Korean tourist, stonewall investigation

While on holiday in Greece, one of our citizens says that he suffered an attack in which local police officers beat him and told him “Korean, Go Home” and used racist expressions. Our media have since overflowed with anger and outrage towards Greece.

On the 24th one of our citizens logged on to a famous internet portal site and posted the outrageous story of his trip to Greece on the 14th, where he suffered a beating delivered by multiple police officers because he, fearing that they might be imposters, had asked to see their identification after they had stopped him to ask about his travel bag. He wrote that hefirmly intends to stay in Greece until the officers who attacked him, and their superiors, are punished.

This is the story as he told it. At approximately 7 pm on the 16th (local time) he was on a street in Athens when he suddenly heard a man telling him to stop, and thought it might be a merchant or a swindler. The man was actually a local plainclothes police officer. The plainclothes officer was with other officers, who demanded to see the man’s identification. However, he thought they might be imposters attempting to con him. He asked to see their badges.

“I thoought they might have been conmen wearing police clothes, they had t-shirts saying ‘Police’ in English,” he wrote. However, the actions of the police were totally unpredictable. One of the officers whom he had requested identification from punched him in the head. “I thought something was wrong with this situation,” he wrote. He cried for help.

But the other two officers also beat him on his face, stomach, and side with their fists and feet, then took his wallet as he lay on the ground. He said to them “why did you hit me?” and “I didn’t know you were police. I’m sorry”, but each time the officers beat him again. He wrote in the internet post that “while they were beating me I saw their guns and even thought that if I made a mistake they would shoot and kill me.” (via asiancorrespondent.com)

The incident was broadcast by the South Korean Television. According to Korean Times, Greece expresses regret over assaulted Korean tourist,  Seoul’s foreign ministry official said Tuesday.

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  1. I would certainly ask to see the badge of someone claiming to be a police officer if there was any doubt he/she wasn’t. On forums for people wanting to go to Greece and other European places, there are stories of thieves pretending to be police officers for the purposes of robbing tourists. The Greek police doesn’t seem to be too smart, using people as shields and getting in the international news, being unable to catch racist people seriously attacking others, and now robbing and beating tourists.

  2. This story of the guy from New Zealand stinks. Before any of the two contributors wrote this tale, they should have at least thought about given the “full” story, not just crumbs to avid birds willing to read b..t
    So this guy went for holiday on a Greek island, dumped his friends for a night guy, got bitten up in a room by somebody wearing uniforms, he found his phone on his pockets (funny the cups didn’t steal that first, since Greeks love phones) and why is this detail important? Who knows? Then, what? No phone calls to his embassy to report the abuse? Nooo, he packs up his bag, goes back home and write about how the Greeks love to spit on the pot where they get food from.. Interesting..
    I like comedies so Please, Please e-mail me as soon as you come up with the second act.

  3. And no, I don’t dare continue with the story of the second tourist, my belly can’t take more of this right now.