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Opinion Polls: Nea Dimocratia – SYRIZA virtually tied, “best PM” is Mr “Nobody”

Government party conservative Nea Dimocratia and main opposition left-wing SYRIZA are virtually tied in two public opinion polls, with SYRIZA to have a slight lead in one of them. However the majority of the Greeks believe the country is “heading to wrong direction”, while “best Prime Minister” is considered to by Mr “Nobody”.

a)  According to VPRC poll conducted for daily “Efimerida twn Syntaktwn“, percentages for Greek political parties are:

ND 29.5%

SYRIZA 29.5%

Chrysi Avgi (Golden dawn) 12%

 PASOK 6.5%


KKE 5.5%

Democratic Left 5%

To question who would win next elections, 31.6% say ND, 27.2% SYRIZA, 3.6% Golden Dawn. The rest is not worth mention.

Most suitable for Prime Minister is “Nobody” with 45%, followed byAntonis Samaras (ND) 21.2% and Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA) 11.6%. Panos Kammenos (INDGR) gets 5.5%, Evangelos Venizelos (PASOK) 4.3%, Fotis Kouvelis (DEMLEFT) 3.6%, Nikos Michaloliakos (GD) 2.8% and Aleka Papariga (LLE)0.8%

To question “which party can best cope with the economic crisis”, respondents answer “Nobody” 59.6%, ND 16.2% and SYRIZA 8.9%.

b) According to METRON ANALYSIS poll conducted for weekly newspaper “Ependytis“, results are:

SYRIZA 18.8%

ND 18.7%

Chrysi Avgi (Golden dawn) 7.2%

PASOK 5.2%


Democratic Left 3.8%

KKE 3.6%

37% of the respondents give “zero points” when it comes to question “how much confident they have about the Parliament”.

For the first time since September, 62% believe that Greece will avoid “default”.


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