Athens public transport partly resumed: bus, trolley, trains on strike, Jan 28-29/2013

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Operation of public transport means partly resumed in Athens, with metro, tram and urban train workers to have stopped their strikes after ‘civil mobilization’ order by the Greek government. However, passengers are still in trouble as bus, trolley, proastiakos and trains workers have launched strikes until next Tuesday.

Blue bus,/trolley: on strike until Tuesday, Jan 29/2013

Proastiakos/Trainose trains: on strike until Monday 28/2013

The management of bus/trolley appealed to court to declare the strike as ‘illegal’ but the appeal was rejected on Friday.

Metro workers appealed to Highest Administrative Court to declare ‘civil mobilization’ as agaiinst the Constitution.

Saturday afternoon all public transport unions will hold a meeting to decide about further actions.

After Samaras’ government more or less managed to ‘deal’ with the public transport workers, a new headache emerges: farmers get mobilized and started to block with their tractors the country’s highways…