Revenues tsar claims, he had no money to pay emergency property taxes (lol)

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Charis Theocharis, the new revenues general secretary claimed in public that he cannot pay the emergency property tax. During his appearance at the congress of  the Association of Property Owners, a number of people started to shout and protest about the many different taxes imposed at properties.

“I have no money to pay property taxes,” shouted someone from the audience.

An obviously stunned general secretary claimed “Me neither!”

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“Me too, as all of you, I have difficulties to pay the property taxes,” a rather perplexed Theocharis told the audience in an effort to continue his speech.

Also former deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos, who was PASOK MP and Minister fro several decades had often claimed he could not pay property taxes for his more than 50 real estates.

If they, who have salaries cannot pay property taxes, what should the unemployed or the low pensioner do who has a roof over his head but no other income?

Nnevertheless, General Secretary of Greek communist party KKE, Aleka Papariga, urged citizens to tear apart the property tax bills sent by the tax offices.